A rare night out x3

We have been very fortunate this week and been out Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Thanks granny daycare!

Friday night was our weekly pub trip. We both love the Old Aberlady Inn. It’s a few doors up from our house and always gives patrons a warm welcome. With an open fire, great pub food menu and some Scottish beers now on offer we are lucky to have the pub a few doors down. I was beaten in this week’s cribbage game sadly. I’ll add some pictures next time we visit.

Sarurday night we headed to the Indian restaurant, the Grace of India, with friends. A couple of doors down from the Old Aberlady Inn this is also incredibly close to us. We adore this restaurant and patronise it a little too regularly. More to follow in another post.

Finally, on Sunday night we drove to Gullane, 3 miles away for dinner with my father and step-mother. It was a beautiful evening and I couldn’t resist stopping to capture the evening sun on the bridge over to the nature reserve.


We enjoyed a lovely dinner in the Golf Inn in Gullane. The menu is now an upmarket take on pub food and has something to appeal to everyone. apologies for the poor photos – I was too keen to tuck in!




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