Our kitchen garden in the making

When we moved to our house in Aberlady, two years ago already, the garden was a bit of a project.

The main lawn was swamped with a large, rotting play house and some very overgrown shrubs. We quickly got rid of the play house (no one tell Rebecca please) although planting is still a work in progress. The lawn is also in need of some attention after a wet winter.


We love the guy by the train station in Longniddry for plants. He may well be one of east Lothian’s greatest secrets. He’s only open a few hours in the week and on Saturday morning. You park up by the wall just past the train station and he has a blackboard listing all the plants he’s currently selling. You make your choice and he goes and digs them up as you watch. He has a great selection of plants and amazingly they only cost 50p each. Our favourite purchase this weeked was some ornamental thistles. He also sells seasonal produce from his garden which is always delicious. The end of the purple sprouting broccoli and leeks were on offer this visit.


The larger project has been the patch of garden further down. It had been used to dump rubble on for years. We also recently bought the adjoining patch from our neighbours which was quite overgrown.


Following some clearing and amazing bonfires (thanks Billy) Darren Selby has completed an amazing transformation for us. We now have a large number of raised beds, a chicken run (with 6 bantams), patio, play area and a mud pit (in need of mud next weekend).

The garden just needs to green up now. We have tonnes of raspberry canes which are bursting into life, strawberries, herbs, onions, fruit trees and asparagus so far. I can’t take any credit for all of this really – it was all my mum, the master gardener! Hopefully I’ll soon have some photos to add with actual plants and even some flowers. πŸŒ·πŸŒ»πŸ“πŸπŸŽ



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