Postmans walk

We enjoyed a sunny wander along the Postmans Walk this week. The path is 2 minutes from our house and we love it in all seasons.

The weather was beautiful and we even saw a few bumble bees and lambs along the way. There is apparently a resident white squirrel in the woods in this walk too but as ever we did not see it along the way.


After a slow meander on the wooded path we passed the remains of the fish ponds and reached the Knight’s tomb. A friary was founded here in the late 13th century. The walls can be seen and an effigy of a knight lies in a niche. The exact identity of the knight is still much disputed.


The monastery is one of our favourite places to visit. It has retained a rather magical, if somewhat eerie feel. Long forgotten by the world outside. We were invited to an Easter egg hunt around and about the friary last year which the kids obviously adored and so I think did the adults.


After a look at the old water tower we headed home. Some years a barn owls nests here but there was no sign of one today. When I just have the dog we usually continue further through the Luffness estate or round the fields in a larger loop.




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