First beach day of 2016

Our car has been in the garage so we’ve been reliant on public transport this week. Fortunately Aberlady is well connected with a regular bus service. Buses stop in the village every half hour on the route from Edinburgh to North Betwick and vice versa.

On Wednesday we hopped on the bus for just 5 minutes to get to Gullane where we had a lovely day on beautiful Gullane beach, or Gullane bents as it’s known. Bents being a Scottish term for beach. It was deserted when we arrived and hardly busy by the time we left. It’s such a large expanse of sand that I’m yet to see it genuinely busy.

The girls loved the rock pools and braved the sea for a bit of a paddle. We saw a lady swimming without a wetsuit which seemed rather brave to us!


Fortunately the ice cream van was waiting as we left the beach. We have sampled the ice creams from here regularly and would absolutely recommend them. 😀🍦


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