John Muir way

John Muir, was born and raised in Dunbar, East Lothian (until he emigrated to the US at 10) and was a naturalist, author, environmental philosopher and one of the first advocates of preservation of wilderness in the US. The John Muir Way stretches 134 miles between Helensburgh in the west of Scotland through to Dunbar on the east coast and Muir’s birthplace. Dunbar is 15 miles by road from Aberlady.

The route of the John Muir way passes directly through Aberlady. There are often small and also larger groups of walkers passing the village. The easy availability of buses between Edinburgh and North Berwick facilitate walking this end of the route.

I’ve run along the John Muir way between Edinburgh and Dunbar a fair amount in the last few years. It’s beautiful in all weathers and seasons, particularly on stormy winter days when the sea is whipped up beside you. Although sun is good too!


I’ve had to run to Longniddry to drop off and collect our car this week. Great to manage to escape for an extra couple of runs in the daytime. I feel like I’m finally starting to find some fitness post baby 2 lately. Still a long way to go to get happily round the 7 Hills race in June though.


I ran the stretch of the John Muir way from Longniddry to Aberlady on Thursday. There are beautiful views to the forth rail bridge, road bridge and the new Queensferry Crossing which is quickly taking shape. It’s only 3 miles and very flat so you can get up a fair speed. You can often see seals along the way but I didn’t spot any this week.


I’ll try to post some more photos from some different parts of the John Muir way over the next few weeks.


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