Let’s go fly a kite

East Lothian has some of the nicest weather in Scotland. Dunbar down the road holds the record for the sunniest town in Scotland. That said, we are still in Scotland and this is still April.

There are some great sayings on the weather up here. My favourites are “if you don’t like Scottish weather, wait 5 minutes” Raymond Bonner and the great from Billy Connelly, “in Scotland there is no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong clothes”. The former proved particularly true today when we headed to the shore (at the end of our garden) to fly our kites.

I loved kite flying as a child so there was excitement all round as we headed out into the sunshine.


The trip started well but soon the wind began to build up and some very ominous clouds loomed in Gullane.


Before we knew it the sky was very very dark and even our quick walk home seemed wildly optimistic.


Then the hail pelted down. My usually fearless toddler was seriously unimpressed and I had to stagger home under 3 and a half stone of children.



Thank goodness the woodburner was on as we burst in after our unexpectedly “invigorating” kite flying expedition.



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