Aberlady community dig

Records indicate that there has been a settlement at Aberlady since at least the 7th century. This settlement was at kilspindie castle, the remains of which are still in evidence. The current village layout is medieval in origin and is thought to date to the 12th century. Aberlady was later known for being the port of Haddington and prospered. However, over time Aberlady bay has silted up and Leith became the port of choice.

Aberlady Conservation and History Society (ACHS) are currently leading a community heritage project focussing on Aberlady’s Anglo-Saxon past. This is centred around an excavation a few metres from kilspindie castle which will finish at the end of this week.

There’s been huge participation from the village and a large amount of interest in what is being uncovered. When we visited the site there were a number of very hard working volunteers and a man scanning the ground with a metal detector.


Whilst the expectation was that there may have been a timber dwelling on the site it was apparent early in the dig that this was not the case. Instead, large stone slabs and the remains of a wall are clear even to my very inexperienced eyes. It is fascinating to see archaeology in action in the village we live in. A very friendly representative from AOC was on site and spent a lot of time answering all our questions.


There is a possibility of a further dig in the village depending partially on what is uncovered this week. We are hopeful that the archaeologists will be back again soon!


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