The Aberlady Cross 

This week we had a late afternoon wander to the edge of Aberlady and a picnic in the sunny war memorial gardens in the shadow of the Aberlady cross.

After strolling along the high street we walked along a small section of the John Muir way which is suddenly very lush. The leaves are vividly green with some recent mild weather. 

We then looped behind the Centre for Ornithology (post on this to follow another week) where we stopped to admire two grazing hares in the neighbouring field. Sadly my photography skills didn’t manage to capture them! We then wandered past the far corner  of kilspindie golf course. The views from the course really are stunning, far reaching across the bay and over to Fife. 

We ended our walk with a picnic tea in the war memorial gardens. These are beside Aberlady church and are home to a replica of the Aberlady Cross. The war memorial gardens are beautifully maintained and planted. They have a high hedge and  I’m yet to encounter another person in them so they feel a little like our own secret garden. 

Unfortunately my history knowledge is rather high level but as far as I understand it in the 1860s a small piece of an early Christian cross was found in a garden wall beside the churchyard. The cross of which it formed part of would have stood about 17 feet high. It is the closest sculptural representation in existence of the artwork in the Lindisfarne Gospels, thought by many to be the UK’s greatest artwork. From this fragment and the gospels a replica of the cross was made. The fragment is in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. 

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