A foggy morning in North Berwick

After a lovely few days of sunny weather, Tuesday morning was a bit of a surprise. The fog was so thick it was like being up a mountain in low cloud. With a very lively toddler crazing me I decided that a trip to the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick was in order. We love the Scottish Seabird Centre and have an annual membership (a bargain at £26 for the year).

The Scottish Seabird Centre is situated at North Berwick harbour. There’s a gift shop and cafe with views to Bass rock. Boat trips are organised by the centre and leave from the harbour behind. There is also the Discovery Centre for which an entry fee is payable.


In the Discovery Centre you can control a number of interactive live cameras to zoom in on the seasonal wildlife action on the Firth of Forth islands. This week we saw thousands of gannets on bass rock, a few gannet chicks, puffins on the Isle of May and even the tame seal in Dunbar Harbour. The centre staff were incredibly helpful as ever and were happy to spend time chatting to us about the wildlife and the fish tanks.

There is also a Wildlife Theatre, Scope Deck, Flyway Tunnel and a Turtle and Ray Zone. There is a Kids’ Zone with a small soft play and Kids’ Corner for quieter playtime. This all makes the centre a great rainy day attraction for families. Despite this its almost never busy, especially on weekdays.


I’ve visited the seabird centre frequently pre children and post children. It’s a really lovely place to visit, with so much to see and interest all ages. 🐠🦀🐧

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