Surfing at Belhaven

This weekend is my husband, Sam’s, birthday weekend. For his present we bought him a weekend of surfing lessons which he’s been keen to try for ages. So, on Saturday morning we all drove to Belhaven Bay to meet the Coast to Coast (C2C) surf school and get him started.


C2C are based in Dunbar and offer lessons in surfing, body boarding, paddle boarding and also hire of equipment for the more experienced.


There were a lot of people in the car park to meet up. Maybe 15 for equipment hire and a further 10 for surfing lessons. A sign of how popular surfing is getting, even in inclement Scottish weather.C2C provided wetsuits and surf boards a safety talk, warm up and some technique practice.


With that the group headed into the waves. They were in the water for an hour and most people in the lesson seemed that stand up at least a couple of times by the end. The instructors spend the whole time in the water helping.


Sam loved the session and has another one booked in for tomorrow. The bay is beside a park and close to East Links Farm Park so child distraction was effortless too, although the 5 minute walk to reach the beach was a bit of a trial for small legs.

All in all a great way to spend a Saturday morning.





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