First fruit picking of the year

This week is a strawberry themed week. We had the first strawberry from our garden and the strawberry tunnels at Belhaven fruit farm in Dunbar have just opened too. We only planted our strawberry plants this spring so we are not quite self-sufficient just yet so we will be off to Belhaven a lot this summer.


Belhaven fruit farm is just off the A1 by Dunbar. They produce strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and other soft berries in East Lothian. They also produce a very tasty dairy free ice cream called Iced&Light. They have a shop and cafe called The Store.


The Store has a fantastic cafe which does breakfast, lunch and cakes and coffee and also a self-service ice cream area. Breakfasts are delicious with favourites such as a full cooked breakfast and pancakes.  The lunches are quite light ranging from salads with local salmon to homemade burgers and potato wedges. They also offer a full children’s menu which my daughter loves.

There is a shop with a great selection of luxury local produce and a wide variety of gins, a small indoor play area, an outdoor seating area and a large outdoor play area. There is also pick your own strawberries in summer and function rooms.

We had a great time picking a large basket of perfectly ripe strawberries. They are definitely tastier than any you’ll find in the supermarket! There were also jam strawberries for sale which will be great for my summer jam making plans for the holiday apartment.





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