Scottish Ornithologists Club Headquarters

The Scottish Ornithologists Club (SOC) aims to promote the study, enjoyment and conservation of wild birds and their habitats across Scotland. The SOC is a birdwatching club and also a network of volunteers across Scotland, gathering important information about our country’s wild birds. The SOC also run a programme of talks, outings, conferences.


We are lucky that the headquarters of the SOC are located in Aberlady. If you are visiting Aberlady to enjoy the nature, particularly the birds then this is the perfect place to start your trip.


The Headquarters are in Waterstone house which is within easy reach of some of Scotland’s best coastal birdwatching sites. Waterstone house is set in beautifully planted and landscaped gardens and has a pond at the back with a viewing area. There is also a library and small gallery, which has regular art exhibitions.

Every time we visit there are friendly staff available to provide help and advice to visitors. There is also a recent sightings board, tide tables, birdwatching resources and fresh tea/coffee, a small shop with a range of binoculars, bird food, cards and books, second-hand books and artists’ prints. There is a small area with children’s colouring, toys, books and beanbags and all children are made very welcome too.


Waterston House runs a programme of events throughout the year, including art exhibitions, Birdwatching for Beginners courses, an Annual Book Fair, Goosewatch and Optics Days.


Entry to the centre is free and all are warmly welcomed.The website is found at





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