Fishing on the river Tyne

Living in a county which has such a beautiful coastline, we do tend to spend a lot of our time at the beach. But growing up in Northumberland we were a long way from the coast and often spent the day at the river catching minnows, building dams, making boats and having a BBQ. Often the weather is a little bit warmer slightly inland and this was no exception this week when we headed to the River Tyne in Haddington.

We parked at the sports centre and followed the path along to the river. There’s a good, tarmac path all the way along the river at Haddington. We walked for 10 minutes to the first shallow sandy part of the river.


You can walk a long way along the river in both directions and you can pick up the old railway and walk/cycle to Longniddry and villages along the route. This is a run I quite like when I’m a bit fitter.


The children had great fun at the river and even caught some minnows with granny’s help. The report very is generally shallow and slow flowing in summer. It also seems very clean.


My sister brought us all a very tasty picnic. The deli in Haddington had apparently been rather good for picnic bites. We were even luckily treated to a flash of blue as a kingfisher whizzed past.


The views on the drive back from Haddington to Aberlady also deserve a quick mention. This is a protected view and I think its very obvious why. Its always lovely to look down on our beautiful little village by the sea.

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