Yellowcraig beach

This week we made the most of the good weather and drove to Direlton one evening. The beach at Dirleton, called Yellowcraig, is a mile or so from the actual village. Yellowcraig is one of my favourite beaches in East Lothian. Its a very long, wide expanse of flat yellow sand with wonderful views to the island of Fidra, Bass rock and the North Berwick Law in the distance.


I used to share a lovely horse in Dirleton pre-babies and was very fortunate to be able to ride along the beach every weekend. Not a photo from this week.


From the car park it’s a 5 minute walk through woods and sand dunes to get to the beach. There’s also a large children’s play area near the car park which our children love. The car park has a very nice new toilet and shower block and often an ice cream van.


As we reach the beach the views to the nearby island of Fidra and the lighthouse always impress me. Fidra is reportedly the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s treasure island. The lighthouse on Fidra was automated in 1979 and can be accessed from a private jetty.




Last night there was an incredible noise from all the seabirds settling down to roost on Fidra, which is an RSPB reserve. There are remote cameras on Fidra which you can look at in the Seabird Cente in North Berwick. We also saw a rather handsome heron enjoying the evening sun.




We really were spoilt yesterday because as the sun set on the hottest day of our summer (so far), this beautiful full moon was rising.



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