Dunbar leisure pool

Dunbar is just a few miles down the A1 from Aberlady and is also on the coast. Dunbar is the birthplace of the explorer, naturalist and conservationist John Muir. The house in which Muir was born is located on the High Street, and has been converted into a museum. There’s quite a few things to do in Dunbar, a lot of which we’ve not even tried ourselves yet, so hopefully we will cover more on the blog soon.



The large house opposite the swimming pool is very beautiful but is now divided into flats.

We all enjoy  a trip to the swimming pool in Dunbar though. It has waves, slides, bubbles and a water fall so is very family-friendly. You can sit on the pool side and have a drink while one adult goes in which is useful. There is also a part of the pool where you a swim lengths although we do tend do go to Haddington or Prestonpans for an adults-only swim.


The pool is right by the harbour on a cliff. You can see the sea while you are swimming and the views down to the harbour are very beautiful. The kittiwakes were very, very noisy this weekend and lovely to watch.

After 45 minutes in the pool the children (and adults) were starving so we stopped at the Dunbar Garden Centre, by Asda on our way home. We were very impressed with their huge cake selection and the kids enjoyed the outdoor play area.

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