Knowes farmshop

The area just East of North Berwick has some lovely attractions. Beautiful elevated coastline with incredible views to Bass Rock, the imposing ruin of Tantallon Castle, wide, remote, unspoilt sandy beaches, quaint villages and a fantastic farm shop, called Knowes.


Knowes sells a wide range of produce, much of it grown on the farm. They grow 80 different types of fruit and vegetables, including heritage potato varieties which come in sacks up to 25kg. The produce is organic, has almost no food miles and is very reasonably priced.


There are 300 free range chickens kept by the farmshop. You can buy their eggs in the farmshop and if you time it right they are just laid and warm. If you ask at the counter you can feed the chickens (whether you have children with you or not!).


A nice selection of homemade food is available using farmshop produce. There’s also local shellfish, game, cheese and a recently expanded gift shop.



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