Patchwork resolutions

We’re just back from a very sunny and busy few days in the South of England. I own a house near Gatwick which needed a bit of TLC after being rented out for 7 years and will hopefully now sell. Having stayed with some of our closest friends for the week I’ve come back inspired by their energy and enthusiasm. See Kirsty below painting while looking after a very content baby and dog – sorry kirst! So, I’m planning on using my spare time a bit more wisely.


I like to have something to do with my hands if I get the luxury of an evening in front of the TV. Like so many other people these days, I’ve got into a really bad habit of sitting on my phone or iPad in the evening. I feel like I sometimes am living a bit of a virtual life. So, I’m resolving to put down the tech and pick up and finish my latest patchwork.

As anyone who knows me will know, my mum is very good at making things, particularly knitting and sewing. When I was a child my mum made herself a patchwork blanket. It was made with various scraps of fabric, some from my Granny too. I adored it and have vivid memories of the flowery fabrics and the soft, overly-washed feel of it. Here’s our childhood cat posing on it.


A few years ago I finally finished a patchwork blanket for my bedroom. It’s blue/green/white and quite tranquil. It did however, take me 5 whole years (albeit on and off) to finish it.


Nearly a year ago I bought some lovely fabrics to make a patchwork blanket for Rebecca for her first full size bed. It’s going to be a woodland/farm animal theme. But, then I had Hamish and it’s not even been out of the bag. So this week I’m picking it back up and hopefully finishing it in less than 5 years. Rebecca’s going into a full size bed next month so I’m already pretty late.


I like to make my blankets by hand so the first step is to decide a pattern. I like the simplicity of “journey round the world” so will use this again. I then cut out a stack of paper squares to use as templates. The next step is to cut out an awful lot of fabric squares which will keep me busy for the next few weeks. Hopefully the next instalment in this blanket blog won’t take me 5 years…..


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