An East Lothian hidden gem

Seacliff is undoubtedly one of East Lothian’s hidden gems. I’ve been debating whether to write a blog on it as I’d rather like it to stay that way. However, I doubt my one blog piece will have any impact on visitor numbers! Seacliff is a village and beach found in a little known corner of East Lothian 5 miles east of North Berwick. It is also very close to Tantallon Castle, of which Seacliff offers some wonderful views.


We reached Seacliff along a private road, which is on a sharp corner on the A198. A little further on you are directed though a barrier that gives access, on payment of £3, onto a rutted woodland track and to the grassy car park beyond.


The fine sandy beach is a broad sweep at low tide, with much of the beach covered at high tide. Bass Rock looms impressively behind. The beach is generally deserted with the odd surfer, dog walker or horse riding group (more to follow on riding in another blog).


The two highlights of Seacliff beach for me lie at the end of the beach. The first is the view of Tantallon Castle that emerges from behind the headland. The second is a fascinating harbour that was blown out of the rocks in 1890. This harbour is claimed by some to be Scotland’s smallest.


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