Print tray collections

Our old next door neighbour (old as in we lived beside her a good few years ago, not her age in case she’s reading) has a beautiful new town garden flat. It’s filled with all sorts of striking paintings and unusual pieces but my favourite thing is her print trays. There are two big trays mounted on the wall, packed full of little objects. Each teeny item tells its own story and has earnt it’s place in the tray. It’s essentially a tray of some of her most cherished memories.

Rebecca, my daughter, is collection-mad. We blame it on one fateful Charlie & Lola episode which struck a cord with her collecting desires. She already has so many collections, paw patrols, princesses, tiny ponies, countless shells, pebbles and pine cones to name just a few of the current ones.


I thought for her birthday she would love a print tray to house all of her beloved collections. I found a good one on eBay, with a nice assortment of different sized holes.

A few coats of white eggshell paint later it was all ready for her birthday.


She’s loved it so far and had spent a long tine arranging a few of her favourite collections. We still have a lot of holes to fill which will be great fun for us both. We have also managed to put it out of her baby brother’s reach, which is proving good for sibling relations!


I’m hoping the print tray will become her own little memory repository and that I’ll be able to share that with her and also watch the items change as she gets bigger and her interests change.

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